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Play 3D Santa Rescue

You need to press the number depending on where you want him to go. He can only stop at those tiles that are not white and he can only go to the arrow direction.

In 3D Santa Rescue, you play as a member of Santa’s elite rescue team, tasked with saving the jolly old man who has gotten himself lost and stranded in various tricky situations. The game is a fun blend of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving, taking place in a whimsically imagined North Pole setting rendered in stunning 3D.

Each level challenges the player to navigate through an array of obstacles and puzzles, using items scattered around the environment to help Santa reach safety. You may find yourself building bridges out of presents, solving intricate puzzles to clear a path, or even warding off the occasional grumpy elf or curious polar bear.

The game’s festive theme is brought to life through colorful graphics and a cheerful holiday soundtrack. The 3D environments are richly detailed and provide plenty of visual appeal. With a good balance of challenge and fun, 3D Santa Rescue is a perfect game to get into the holiday spirit.