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About Auto Attack Game

Welcome to an idle-type game! This game is similar to other games in the genre where you have to defeat a long list of monsters using an upgradeable sword. The goal is to kill as many monsters as possible and progress through the levels. Each defeated monster will earn you coins, which can be used to upgrade your sword and purchase other items.

In addition to killing monsters, there’s also a garden feature in the game. You can plant and grow different types of plants, which will provide you with coins over time. The coins earned from the garden can be used to further upgrade your sword and other items, giving you an advantage in the game.

The game is an idle-type game, which means that it can be played passively. The monsters will continue to appear and be defeated even when you are not actively playing the game. However, actively playing the game and upgrading your sword and garden will help you progress faster and defeat the monsters more efficiently.