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About Bad Ice-Cream Game

The bad ice cream needs to eat all the fruits, but also needs to avoid the monster on the way. You can use Spacebar to make bad icecream throw stones or break them. It works both ways. This is the first version, but there are also more versions of Bad Icecream to play.

So, Bad Ice-Cream is a classic arcade game where you control a cute ice-cream character to collect all the fruits in each level. Move the ice-cream character with arrow keys and use the spacebar to create ice blocks to block enemies.

As you progress through the levels, new enemies will appear, making the game more challenging. You can also play the game with a friend in 2-player mode, where you and your friend can work together to complete each level.

Make sure to watch out for the enemies and the dangerous obstacles that can cause you to lose a life. Collect all the fruits in each level to move on to the next one.