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About Bomboozle 3

The game has 4 modes to play: Regular, Casual, Timed, and Moves. Pick to play any more you prefer. Match the same type of icons and score in this game.

Bomboozle 3 is a colorful puzzle game that requires you to match colored blobs to make them disappear. You can make a match by selecting at least three blobs of the same color.

As you progress through the levels, new challenges arise, and you need to think strategically to overcome them. You can earn points by making combos and clearing multiple blobs at once.

Bomboozle 3 also features power-ups that can help you clear blobs more efficiently, such as bombs and lightning strikes. The game has a time limit, and you must clear as many blobs as possible before time runs out. Can you complete all the levels and become a master of Blobboozling?