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About Causality 4

“Causality 4” is part of the “Causality” game series, known for its unique and intriguing puzzle-solving gameplay. The main objective of the game is to cause the demise of stick figure characters in various scenarios without letting them witness each other’s deaths. This installment of the game offers new levels and environments, adding fresh challenges to the series.

In “Causality 4,” players will find themselves engaging in a variety of settings, such as a castle siege, an airport, and a ski resort. Each setting provides a different backdrop for the puzzles, requiring players to think creatively and strategically to set off a chain of events that will eliminate the stick figures. The gameplay is mainly point-and-click, where players interact with objects and characters in the environment to initiate these events.

The game is noted for its clever design and the humorous yet macabre nature of its puzzles. It challenges players to think outside the box and use timing and the environment to their advantage. The goal is to complete the level without any stick figure witnessing the demise of another, which often requires careful planning and observation.