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About Causality 6

“Causality 6” is a continuation of the popular “Causality” game series, known for its unique puzzle-solving gameplay. In this installment, the objective remains consistent with the series’ theme: to cause the demise of stick figure characters in various scenarios without letting them witness each other’s deaths. The game challenges players to think strategically and use timing and environmental interactions to successfully complete the levels.

The setting of “Causality 6” varies across different levels, including a groovy disco club, a local grocery store, and even a church where an exorcism is taking place. This diversity in environments adds an interesting twist to the puzzle-solving mechanics. Players must use their mouse to interact with the environment and set off a chain reaction of events, ensuring that no stick figure sees another one die. The gameplay requires careful planning and observation to figure out the best strategy for eliminating all the stickmen without raising suspicion.

“Causality 6” has been well-received for its clever and humorous approach to puzzle design, as well as its challenging nature. The game is available to play online and continues to bring joy and a bit of mayhem to its players.