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About Cheating in Exam

Cheating Exam is a quirky and lighthearted game that challenges players to cheat successfully in an exam without being caught. Based on a universally familiar school scenario, the game injects humor and whimsy into the stressful experience of examinations, making it a unique and entertaining casual game to enjoy.

Gameplay revolves around timing and strategy, as players must maneuver around the teacher’s gaze and help the student character cheat from their peers. You’ll need to pick the right moment to glance over a classmate’s shoulder, ensuring the teacher is looking away. The game increases its challenge by progressively making the teacher’s scrutiny more random and thorough, requiring sharper attention and quicker reactions from players.

In conclusion, Cheating Exam presents a light-hearted, humorous spin on a relatable scenario. It requires strategic timing and careful observation from the players, making it a fun challenge. While it doesn’t promote academic dishonesty, it offers a unique and entertaining perspective on the nerve-wracking experience of exams.