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Play Online City Siege 2 Game

City Siege 2: Resort Siege is a strategic action game where players must defend a beach resort from hostile forces. Developed by ThePodge, this sequel to the original City Siege introduces new levels, units, and more destruction. The game is set in various beach environments where players control a team of soldiers, each with unique abilities, to take down enemies and rescue VIPs. The gameplay involves using a mix of strategic planning and real-time action to achieve mission objectives, making it both challenging and engaging.

The game introduces new units such as the Spy, Transport Copter, and Veteran, adding depth to the strategic options available to players. These units bring unique abilities to the battlefield, such as stealth for the Spy and transport capabilities for the Copter. Players must utilize these units effectively to counter the upgraded enemy forces, which now include tanks and helicopters. The combination of varied environments, challenging enemy types, and new units keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting throughout.

City Siege 2 is available to play on multiple online platforms, including Armor Games, Kongregate, and GamePix. Its cartoony visuals and fast-paced action make it appealing to a wide audience. Players can earn money by completing missions and use it to unlock or upgrade units, adding a layer of progression to the game. Overall, City Siege 2: Resort Siege is a compelling mix of strategy and action that offers hours of entertainment​.