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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Bob & Bosip

Delve into the updated Bob and Bosip Expansion, now featuring four engaging story modes along with twelve distinctive Freeplay Modes. Get into the rhythm and immerse yourself in the enjoyment that awaits.

In Story Mode, your journey begins with the Tutorial, advancing to the rhythmic challenges of the Week Bob & Bosip, followed by the Week in the Background. The adventure culminates in the Bob Takeover saga, showcasing a fresh narrative realm to explore using the Right Arrow key to navigate to the 4th chapter.

Transitioning to Freeplay Mode, start again with a Tutorial to grasp the fundamentals before you hop into the rhythm-infused modes. Engage in a rhythmic escapade with Jump-in and Swing, leading you to the playful beats of Split. Immerse yourself in the melodious realm of Oblique Fracture, and feel the jazz with Groovy Brass. Flow through the reflective mode of Conscience and hop along with Yap Squad. The captivating beats of Intertwined await you next, followed by the matching rhythms of Copy-Cat. Round off your musical spree with Jump-out, and lastly, revel in the whimsical tunes of Ronald McDonald.

Note, the musical ventures in this game challenge the player as they are solely available in Hard Mode. The options for Easy and Normal Modes are replaced by an eye icon, which, when selected, seamlessly transitions the game to Hard Mode, ensuring an exhilarating rhythmic challenge. Whether embarking on the Bob Takeover in Story Mode or swaying to the tunes of Oblique Fracture, Ronald McDonald, Jump-Out, and Copy-Cat in Freeplay Mode, the beats will captivate your heart and set your fingers tapping to the rhythm.