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FullTime Killer thrusts you into the covert world of stealth operations where your primary objective is to carry out a series of assassinations. Set in diverse locations including office buildings, hotels, and bustling casinos, you are armed with a gun. Each mission is a distinct challenge, requiring you to dispatch targets unseen or kill them in a specific order.

FullTime Killer delivers an immersive experience for stealth game enthusiasts. It’s a game that, while simple to learn, quickly escalates in difficulty, providing a consistent challenge to your stealth and tactical skills. If you’re in search of a game that will keep you engaged and test your abilities, FullTime Killer makes an ideal choice.

Beyond the gripping gameplay, FullTime Killer helps players enhance their stealth skills. It’s a game that’s both entertaining and addictive, serving as a promising choice for those seeking a stealth game that offers both a challenge and a sense of accomplishment.