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About the GoldMine Strike Game

Welcome to the exciting world of Miner, where you’ll dig deep into the earth and clear columns of objects using only your trusty axe! Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Gameplay In each level, Miner is faced with a certain number of columns filled with objects that need to be cleared. You can control Miner’s movements and throw his axe to clear the objects in the column. However, there’s a catch – only objects with more than one instance can be cleared, so you’ll need to strategize carefully to maximize your score.

Throwing the Axe Miner can throw his axe anywhere, and the object he’s trying to clear doesn’t need to be in an open area or in front of him. This means that you can aim for objects that are hidden behind other objects or objects that are out of sight.

Points and Clearing Objects As Miner clears objects from each column, he’ll earn points based on the number of objects cleared and the difficulty of the column. You’ll need to clear as many objects as possible to earn a high score and progress to the next level.