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“Haunt the House” is a unique and engaging game that tasks players with scaring away the occupants of a house by controlling a playful ghost. The controls are intuitive, usually involving arrow keys or WASD for movement and spacebar for interacting with various objects to perform ghostly antics.

The gameplay of “Haunt the House” revolves around creativity and strategy. Players must determine the best way to scare each inhabitant, utilizing different combinations of spooky actions to achieve maximum fear. The goal is not just to scare the people away, but to do so in the most entertaining manner, making each playthrough unique.

Visually, “Haunt the House” adopts a charming and stylized aesthetic. The delightful graphics, combined with the amusing reactions of the characters and a fittingly eerie soundtrack, create an immersive and fun atmosphere. The combination of strategic gameplay, charming visuals, and a unique premise make “Haunt the House” an enjoyable game for a wide range of players.