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Play Online Hockey Dad

“Hockey Dad” is an amusing and entertaining fighting game that throws you into the middle of a frantic and chaotic ice hockey rink. However, this isn’t your typical ice hockey game; you are a protective dad ensuring his child’s safety during a high-stakes match!

In “Hockey Dad”, you control a rugged, ice-hockey-loving dad whose only aim is to protect his child from the aggressive players on the opposing team. This fun fighting game involves engaging in frantic brawls against the opponents, where your protective dad uses a variety of hilarious moves to tackle the enemies. The objective is simple – knock out as many rival players as you can while ensuring your child is safe.

The game offers an appealing mix of fun, excitement, and humor. The graphics are cartoonish and colorful, lending a lighthearted feel to the game. The controls are straightforward, but the fights are anything but! This game is all about timing your attacks, dodges, and counters correctly to win the fights. “Hockey Dad” is a delightful game that manages to take the intensity of a hockey match and turn it into a funny, engaging, and entertaining brawling game.