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Ribbit Game Working Version

Control Keys: x, c, v, b

“Ribbit” is an endearing platformer where players control a charismatic frog on a mission. The gameplay is a blend of traditional platforming elements with a unique twist – the frog’s versatile tongue. This unconventional tool can be used for various actions, such as grabbing onto objects, defeating enemies, or even swinging from platforms.

In “Ribbit,” each level is a well-crafted combination of platforming and puzzle-solving. Players need to master the timing, precision, and diverse uses of the frog’s tongue to navigate through the vibrant, obstacle-filled environments.

“Ribbit” is not just about challenging gameplay; it also boasts charming visuals and a whimsical world. The cartoonish art style, coupled with lively animations and a heartwarming storyline, make “Ribbit” a game that’s sure to bring a smile to players’ faces, whether they’re young or just young at heart.