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Playing Scribble

“Scribble” is a puzzle platformer where the player guides a cute doodle character through a series of hand-drawn levels. The controls generally involve using the arrow keys or WASD for movement and the mouse for drawing platforms. The unique game mechanic here is the player’s ability to draw platforms to aid navigation through the level.

Gameplay in “Scribble” is a blend of problem-solving and platform navigation, with each level presenting a unique set of challenges. Players need to figure out where to draw platforms to avoid obstacles and reach the end of the level, making each stage a puzzle in itself.

“Scribble’s” visual style is distinctive and engaging, with the entire game appearing as if it were drawn on a piece of paper. The hand-drawn aesthetic gives a sense of creativity and charm, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the puzzle-solving gameplay. The combination of innovative gameplay, strategic puzzle elements, and appealing graphics make “Scribble” an engaging game for players who enjoy problem-solving and creative thinking.