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About Skywire VIP Shuffle

Skywire VIP Shuffle, developed by Nitrome, is an engaging and intriguing riddle game that challenges players to identify various VIPs using the Skywire. By closely examining each character’s attire and the number of letters provided, players can piece together the VIP’s identity. With numerous levels to test your knowledge and deductive skills, this game will have you captivated and determined to guess every single one of the VIPs.

In Skywire VIP, the innovative riddle game by Nitrome, players are tasked with identifying an array of VIPs by relying on their observation skills and the hints provided by the Skywire. By scrutinizing the outfits and considering the number of letters in each VIP’s name, players can work towards solving the riddles and uncovering the VIPs’ identities. As the game progresses, the challenge intensifies, enticing players to stay hooked and strive to guess each and every VIP.