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2nd Version of the Trollface Quest Horror Game

Trollface Quest Horror 2 continues the series’ tradition of humorous point-and-click puzzles inspired by popular horror franchises. The game offers a series of new levels, each featuring unique puzzles that require unconventional thinking to solve. The game’s humor, like its predecessor, comes from its unpredictable solutions and unexpected outcomes.

The puzzles in Trollface Quest Horror 2 are designed to challenge and entertain. The game often subverts traditional puzzle-solving logic, forcing players to think outside the box. The game’s sense of humor and charm lies in its absurdity and the player’s anticipation of what crazy twist will happen next.

Trollface Quest Horror 2 maintains the series’ characteristic cartoon-style graphics, with the Trollface character’s unmistakable grin present throughout the game. The sound design adds to the game’s playful atmosphere, with exaggerated sound effects and suspenseful music. Trollface Quest Horror 2 offers more of the series’ unique humor and creative puzzles, providing an entertaining gaming experience for fans of the genre.

There is also a 3rd version of TQH game.