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Play Online Truck Loader 3

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“Truck Loader 3” is an engaging puzzle game where players operate a forklift to collect cargo and load it onto a truck. Like its predecessors in the “Truck Loader” series, this game requires players to navigate various levels, each presenting unique challenges and puzzles. Players use the forklift to pick up boxes that are spread across each level and then carefully place them onto the truck.

The game incorporates elements that require strategic thinking, such as pressing buttons and pulling levers, to manipulate the environment and successfully load the cargo. The controls are straightforward, with the A/D keys used to move the forklift left and right, the W key for jumping, and the mouse for controlling the forklift’s magnetic crane.

Developed by 7Spot Games, a Lithuanian video game developer, “Truck Loader 3” is known for its blend of physics-based puzzle-solving and driving gameplay. The game is available to play online on this page.