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Have you tried Truck Loader 2?

“Truck Loader” is the first game in the popular puzzle series created by 7Spot Games. In this classic puzzle game, players operate a forklift with the objective of loading cargo onto a truck. The gameplay involves maneuvering the forklift to collect boxes that are spread across various levels. Each level presents its unique challenges, where players must not only collect the boxes but also solve puzzles to complete the level successfully.

As the game progresses, the levels increase in difficulty, requiring players to perform special moves or follow certain sequences to solve the puzzles. The controls for the game are intuitive: players use the A/D keys to move the forklift left and right, the W key to jump, and the mouse to pick up boxes.

“Truck Loader” is known for its combination of physics-based puzzle-solving and driving gameplay, offering an engaging experience for players who enjoy strategic and skill-based games. It sets the stage for its sequels, introducing the fundamental gameplay mechanics that are further developed in the later games of the series.