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About Wheely 8 Game

Wheely 8: Aliens, the latest installment in the series, finds Wheely having a picnic with his beloved Jolie when suddenly, a UFO lands near them. The aliens need help to repair their spacecraft, and Wheely sets off on an intergalactic adventure.

The point-and-click adventure gameplay remains consistent, with players guiding Wheely through various levels, interacting with the environment to solve puzzles. The alien theme introduces new mechanics and challenges, adding to the complexity and fun of the game.

Wheely 8 continues the series’ tradition of engaging storytelling, vibrant graphics, and creative puzzle design. The new alien-themed challenges bring a fresh element to the game, offering players a new realm of possibilities to explore. With its compelling narrative, innovative puzzles, and charming characters, Wheely 8 provides an entertaining and immersive gaming experience.