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Zassin Game Online

Zassin is a stickman and he knows karate. Oh yeah, but he is an underworld guy. Help Zassin to kill all his enemies, because they are after him.

You will see an arrow key on the screen that must be pressed quickly to act. If you are late, you will die. If you press quickly, you can skill the opponent or save yourself from death.

So, Zassin is a fast-paced ninja game that tests your reflexes and timing. As a ninja, you need to use your skills to defeat enemies and complete missions.

The game has a unique art style with stick figure characters, and it features different levels with increasing difficulty. Each level has different objectives that you need to complete, such as killing a certain number of enemies or reaching a specific location.

The controls are simple, with just a few keys to use, but the gameplay is challenging and requires quick reflexes and precise timing. So, put on your ninja gear and get ready to take on the challenges of Zassin.