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Play Online Billy Genocide

“Billy Genocide” is a title of a flash-based browser game where the player takes on the role of Billy, a character who fights against zombies. The game has a side-scrolling setup where players navigate through levels, battling hordes of zombies using various weapons. The aim is to survive the onslaught and make it through different stages of the game.

The theme and aesthetics of the game are somewhat dark, blended with a comedic or exaggerated portrayal of the zombie apocalypse scenario. The gameplay mechanics are simple yet engaging, as players hack, slash, and shoot their way through the zombie hordes. It’s one of those games where the casual player can jump in quickly, enjoy some action, and face the challenge of surviving against an ever-increasing difficulty as they progress through the levels.

“Billy Genocide” is a part of the earlier generation of flash-based online games which were accessible for free on various online gaming platforms. As a flash game, it belongs to a period when simplistic, browser-based games provided quick, entertaining breaks. This title is a good representation of the indie, flash-based games’ scene during its time.