Info About Black Sails

Embark on a nautical adventure in “Black Sails,” a sea warfare game that thrusts you into the heart of naval combat. Command your mighty ship and engage in strategic battles against formidable enemy vessels on the high seas.

The gameplay is intuitive yet requires tactical finesse. Players will drag their ship towards the enemy and then click on “End Turn”, setting their vessel into motion. As the turn ends, your ship automatically unleashes a volley of cannon fire upon the enemy, striving to send them to the ocean floor.

The ultimate objective is to outmaneuver and obliterate all enemy ships encountered on the vast expanses of the open sea. Victories are rewarded with gold, which players are tasked with collecting to mark their triumph.

With each clash amidst the roaring waves, “Black Sails” demands a blend of strategic planning and accurate execution to emerge victorious. Your ability to anticipate enemy movements and position your ship advantageously will be the key to claiming dominance over the turbulent waters.

Engage in epic naval warfare, seize the gold, and etch your name in maritime legend in “Black Sails.”