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About BTD 6 Online Game

Bloons Tower Defense 6, or BTD6, is the sixth iteration of the well-known tower defense series by Ninja Kiwi. The game’s objective is to strategically place towers to prevent balloons, known as “bloons,” from traversing a specified path.

BTD6 expands on its predecessors by introducing additional tower types, upgrades, and hero characters, which enhance gameplay and increase complexity. The game offers a diverse array of 22 towers, each equipped with distinct abilities and upgrades accessible as players progress.

In BTD6, hero units are a new feature. These powerful characters possess unique abilities that improve as they level up during gameplay. Skillful deployment of heroes can greatly influence a match’s outcome.

Various game modes in BTD6 cater to players of all skill levels, providing an assortment of challenges:

  1. Standard: Players must complete a certain number of rounds to win.
  2. Deflation: With a limited starting budget and no income, players must survive a set number of rounds.
  3. Apopalypse: In this endless mode, bloons continuously spawn and strengthen over time.
  4. Sandbox: Players can experiment with different strategies, unlimited resources, and no bloons.
  5. Impoppable: This demanding mode features more challenging bloons and a limited number of lives.