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About BTD 3

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Bloons Tower Defense 3 (BTD3) is the third entry in Ninja Kiwi’s popular tower defense series. In this game, players work to halt the progress of balloons, or “bloons,” by strategically positioning an array of towers along a predetermined path.

BTD3 expands upon its predecessors by introducing new towers, upgrades, and bloon types, making gameplay more engaging and complex. There are multiple tower options, each with distinct abilities and upgrades that players can access as they progress through the game.

In addition, BTD3 offers a selection of game modes for different skill levels, ensuring a variety of challenges for both novice and experienced players. Among these game modes are:

  1. Easy: A beginner-friendly mode with fewer rounds and more starting lives.
  2. Medium: A balanced difficulty level with a moderate number of rounds and starting lives.
  3. Hard: A challenging mode with additional rounds and fewer starting lives.

As players advance in BTD3, they accumulate in-game currency and experience points, which they can use to unlock further towers, upgrades, and game features.