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About this Expansion Version

BTD6 is now available to play online.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion (BTD4 Expansion) is an extended version of Bloons Tower Defense 4, developed by Ninja Kiwi. The expansion adds new content and features to the original game, providing players with an enhanced experience and more challenging gameplay.

Some of the additions and improvements in BTD4 Expansion include:

  1. New Tracks: The expansion introduces several new tracks, offering players more variety and challenging layouts to test their strategies.
  2. New Tower: The BTD4 Expansion adds a new tower called the “Monkey Beacon,” which increases the range and attack speed of nearby towers.
  3. New Game Modes: BTD4 Expansion introduces new game modes such as “Deflation Mode,” where players start with a fixed amount of money and no income, and “Apopalypse Mode,” a challenging mode where bloons spawn continuously with increasing difficulty.
  4. New Bloons: The expansion features new bloon types, adding more variety and challenge to the gameplay.
  5. Enhanced Graphics: BTD4 Expansion has improved graphics compared to the original BTD4, providing players with a more polished and visually appealing experience.

By offering new content and more challenging gameplay, BTD4 Expansion appeals to both new and experienced players.