Whack it Games

Introduction to Whacking Series Games

The Whacking Series is a set of popular online flash games where players are tasked with wreaking havoc on various characters. With their immersive gameplay, unique animation style, and humor, these games have captured the attention of millions of users worldwide.

Brief History of Whacking Series

The Whacking series first made its debut in the early 2010s. The first game in the series, ‘Whack Your Boss,’ immediately became popular due to its combination of comic violence, absurd humor, and stress-relieving premise. The success of ‘Whack Your Boss’ led to the development of multiple other games in the series, each featuring different targets for the player’s wrath.


The gameplay across all Whacking Series games remains fairly consistent. Players are presented with a scenario and a variety of tools or methods to ‘whack’ the designated character. The challenge often lies in finding all the possible methods of whacking, with each method resulting in an animated sequence of comic violence. This explorative nature of the games, combined with the humorous and over-the-top animations, is a major part of the appeal of the series.

Popular Games in the Series

The series includes several well-known titles such as ‘Whack Your Boss,’ ‘Whack Your Ex,’ ‘Whack The Thief,’ and ‘Whack Your Computer.’ Each game adds its own twist to the formula, providing different scenarios and whacking methods to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Impact and Legacy

The Whacking Series has had a significant impact on the online flash gaming scene. It popularized a style of point-and-click game that balances dark humor with a sense of cathartic release. Despite the violent premise, the games are designed to be more humorous than gory, with the violence being highly stylized and cartoonish. They have inspired a multitude of similar games and have set a standard for humor and creativity in the online gaming community.


With its blend of humor, creativity, and interactive gameplay, the Whacking Series stands out as a significant player in the realm of online flash games. These games offer a unique way for players to engage with and relieve stress in a fun, albeit slightly macabre, manner.