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About this game

Whack the Terrorist is a point-and-click game that takes a light-hearted approach to a very serious topic. As the player, you’re tasked with stopping a terrorist in a busy city setting, using anything and everything in the environment. While the theme is undeniably intense, the game offsets the tension with its exaggerated animations and unexpected humor.

Gameplay primarily involves keen observation and quick thinking. As the player, you need to interact with various objects around the city to discover unique ways to thwart the terrorist. Each interaction results in an animated sequence that provides a dose of humor and relief to the serious subject matter.

Whack the Terrorist presents a unique blend of humor, action, and interactive gameplay. While it could easily have been controversial due to its subject matter, it manages to walk the line between addressing a serious issue and providing an entertaining gaming experience. Its tongue-in-cheek approach and engaging gameplay mechanics continue to draw in players from around the world.